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Down's Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetically disorder it causes mild to serious physical and developmental problems. Down syndrome Children’s are born with an extra chromosome. These Chromosomes are having bundles of genes; human body relies on having just the right number of them. With Down syndrome, the extra chromosome leads to a range the number of issues that affect the children’s both mentally and physically. It’s a lifelong condition. Although it can’t be cured completely. If child having it, taking the right care and treatment on time and as soon as early it can make a big difference in helping children’s and their families to live a full and meaningful life.


Down syndrome children’s can have many effects, and different for each child. Some children’s will grow up to live almost entirely on their own, while others children’s will need more help taking care of themselves and help from parents. Mental abilities different but most of the children’s with Down syndrome have mild to moderate issues with understanding, reasoning and thinking, , and. Children’s have to learn and pick up new skills their whole lives, but it may take longer to reach goals developing social skills like walking, talking, and functional activities daily living life.

Kids with Down syndrome have certain type of physical features in common. These include:

Eyes that slant up at the outer corner to inner corner
Weak muscle tone or flaccid type of tone
Small ears/ micro
Flat noses/wide nose
Protruding tongue/distend
White Tiny splotches in the colored part of the eyes
Short neck/ poor neck.
Small feet and hands.
floppy joints