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Shoulder Pain

This is a ball and socket joint, inherently unstable because the ‘ball’ is big and the ‘socket’ is small and shallow. Consequently, only about one-third of the humeral head is in contact with the glenoid cavity at any one time. The capsule of the shoulder joint is lax and permits freedom of movement. The strong muscles around the joint contribute a great deal to the stability of this joint.


Frozen shoulder(periarthritis)

Frozen shoulder, periarthritis shoulder is also called as adhesive capsulitis. It is a painful condition in which the shoulder movement becomes limited.


This is a disease of unknown aetiology where the gleno humeral joint becomes painful and stiff because of the loss of resilience of the joint capsule, possibly with adhesions between its folds. Often, there is a history of preceding trauma. The disease is commoner in diabetics.

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Stages of Frozen Shoulder

  1. Freezing stage- Shoulder becomes stiff and then very painful while performing movement. Pain worsen at night
  2. Frozen stage- Stiffness increases in the shoulder joint, severe limitation of the shoulder movement, pain may not reduce but it doesn’t worsen.
  3. Thawing stage- Shoulder movement begins to improve. Pain may subside by it may reoccur occasionally.


  • Pain in shoulder joint. Pain worsens at night.
  • Stiffness around the shoulder
  • Limitation of the shoulder range of motion like – shoulder flexion, abduction and rotation.