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Breeze Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation centre

Services-Breeze Rehab Center Hyderabad

Parental Counselling:

Parental counselling is a service that our aims is to providing the best strategies, support, guidelines, acquired knowledge and to parents without them having to worry about being in an unbiased, healthy manner, judged. Through parental counselling, they become more aware to take care of their children and family. Our focus is not to helping you ‘change’ you or your children. Instead, we make you to try and understand what has worked for you so far and how to use that as your strength to move forward. The process is about finding your strengths as a parent and building strong and healthy relationships with in your family.

Our focus is on helping you move toward the family that you always wanted to be! For this, we will here to lend a keen ear to your problems, and will help you to open up your concerns to us. In turn, we will guide you a fresh perspective and new ideas and strategies to implement on your children

Who Needs Parental counselling?

Parental counselling is required to all parents those who are facing problems as bellow. Although, parental counselling is recommended to all parents, it is more of a necessity for those who are facing any of the following issues:

Not able to deal with children who refuse to take instructions.

Not able to connect with or communicate effectively with your child.

A feeling of struggle’ with your child.

Facing troubles in implementing routines strategies for your family.

Managing Strategies are not working effectively ON your child’s behaviour.

Suffering from a health Psychological problem that is preventing you from spending time with your children and your family.

Marriage Problems in your FAMILY, such as finances and infidelity having a negative impact on your children.

Sudden grief or loss in the family.

The aim is to make you feel surer of your parenting.