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Breeze Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation centre

We are Providing Services for Adults :

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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation | In-Patient Services

Restoring the condition of good health, or ability to work or the same where as physiotherapy or physical therapy is a type or rehabilitation that can be included in the rehab plan to help in regaining the body strength.
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Physiotherapy | Out-Patient (OP) Sevices

Outpatient physical therapy is physical therapy completed outside the home, which requires you traveling to and from a facility for your sessions.
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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a treatment that helps to improve interaction and communication skills in children’s and adults. Speech language
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps to overcome barriers which affects sensorial, social skills, child behaviour, and communication performances.
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The study of the mind and behaviour is called psychology. It includes everything that determines how people think, act, and feel, including
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Nutritionist and Dietitians are trained and insured health care providers that evaluate, identify, and treat food and nutritional issues