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Tennis Elbow

As the name itself suggests that it is the most common condition seen in tennis players. People present with pain and tenderness on the lateral side of the elbow, some well-defined and some vague, that results from repetitive stress. Tennis elbow syndrome encompasses lateral, medial and posterior elbow symptoms. The one commonly encountered is the lateral tennis elbow which is known as the classical tennis elbow.
It is a lesion affecting the tendinous origin of common wrist extensors and is believed to be a degenerative disorder.

Clinical Features


Patho Physiology

Golfers Elbow

It is a tendinopathy of the insertion of the epitrochlear muscles [flexors of the fingers of the hand flexor carpi radialis (FCR) and pronators]. Epitrochleitis is very similar to lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) but occurs on the medial side of the elbow, where the pronator teres and the flexors of the wrist and fingers originate. Stress and strain to these muscles will provoke the pain.

Students Elbow

Students elbow or olecranon bursitis is a chronic inflammation of the
olecranon bursa. It may be the result of repetitive minor injuries or irritation,
microcrystalline deposition. Infection occurs due to chronic friction as in students who tend to keep their elbows repeatedly over the table, bench, etc. over long periods during writing, reading, etc.