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Breeze Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation centre

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Sensory Integration:

Sensory integration therapy is used to treat the sensory processing disorders in children with or without autism and neurological disorders, sensory integration therapy will facilitate and organize the all the senses from the body and environment to make real difference to manage to their hyper or abnormal sensory processing, by using weight bearing activities, joint compression distraction techniques, brushing, deep pressure, crawling, rolling jumping and play like activities.


Sensory integration helps to motor control, sense of awareness of body, joints, muscles and ligaments from all over the body maintains co-ordinate purposeful movement, sensory integration also controls the body when any external stimuli applied to body part beyond control and make the senses to relevant and appropriate response to particular sensory impulses.

Usually sensory processing disorder kids will react to the stimulus either hyper-reactive or hypo reactive, sometimes restrictive response from them, in sensory processing disorder kids will not tolerate particular kind of sounds and noise, textures.