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Breeze Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation centre

Gallery-Breeze Rehab Center Hyderabad

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps to overcome barriers which affects sensorial, social skills, child behaviour, and communication performances. Occupational therapy develops interventions based on assessments and evaluation by analyzing the nature of a child according to his or her behavior, sensorial, social, and communication performances.

Our OT expertise prioritizes the concern of the child and family and tries to resolve it through our goal-oriented, evidence-based therapy practices so that every child will become self-esteem and self-dependent.

Importance of Occupational Therapy:

OT help improves their school performance, kids playing performance and activities of daily living& it also boosts the self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. With OT, kids can:

Occupational therapist helps to develop fine & gross motor skills to develop good handwriting and computer skills. As well as improves eye –hand co-ordination so that they can play and do needed skills in school activities like ball –bat, blackboard copy, excellence in basic life skills such a self feeding, brushing, dressing, bathing etc. social skills and positive behaviors by practicing to anger management and frustration. Orthotics and splints helps to achieve their goals towards independent in their life.